We create & share genuine stories

Each project has a story to tell. Our distinct journalistic, documentary process embeds us in the experience we intend to share.


A Story Well Told


Good things take time and a full tank of gas. Our in-depth documentary short includes multiple full-day location shoots and interviews.

This project tier is completely customizable including the option of custom professional music track, illustration and animation.

Sights & Sounds


Capture the feeling and share it. Ideal for expressing the look, feel and sounds of a specific process, task, outing or event.

This project includes up to a full day of shooting on-location. Interviews are optional.

Social Media Short: Microfilms


Connect with your online audience by sharing social-media formatted videos directly from your platform.

Project includes up to one half-day shoot. This project can be paired with other packages ​​to support content release across social media.

Digital Storytelling

The full experience – through our eyes, for your social platforms. On-site social media content gathering includes photos gathered on location, captions and copywriting associated with social media content.

Partnering & Concepting

We like working with big idea people. We’re open to artistic and conceptual partnerships. We like making content that we’d enjoy watching and sharing. Let’s talk it out.

Our Process

We approach each project in an organic way. Our style is aligned with a journalistic, documentary method: gathering footage and interviews through personal experience. Ideal subjects are passionate about what they do and open about their expectations and intentions.

By letting the story naturally unfold, we are able to share an authentic account of the person, organization or event in focus. To achieve this, we require a degree ​of creative control throughout the the production process: conducting all interviews, choosing shoot locations and making editorial decisions.